Chansons d'hiver

See if you can match these winter songs with their English titles. Notice that the titles might not be exactly the same in the two different languages! FRENCH L’enfant au tambour Au royaume du bonhomme hiver Sainte nuit Promenade en traîneau ENGLISH Sleigh Ride Winter Wonderland Little Drummer Boy Silent Night Sponsored by Nallenart. For more information about … Read more

La Neige

LA NEIGE = the snow(la NAYZH)* At my house here in Canada, the ground is covered with a white layer of snow. Though the days have started to get longer, there are many more snowy days ahead of us yet this winter! Here is some more snowy winter vocabulary to use as you enjoy the … Read more


L’HIVER (lee-VAYR* = the winter) L’HIVER (lee- VAYR) means winter in French. As I write, winter is now in full force in the northern hemishere, where France is located. At my home in Canada, the ground is covered with a dazzling layer of snow. Canada is famous for winter sports including skating, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, … Read more