Nasal Sounds in French

Hmmm… nasal sounds? Like somebody snoring? Not exactly! Some French sounds include forcing air through the back of the throat and into the nasal cavities. This cannot be taught by explanation. You need to hear the sounds and try to imitate them as best you can.

on, ont, om (nasal oh sound)
bon (BOHn) = good
sont (SOHn) = (they) are
trompette (trohn-PET) = trumpet

an, ant, en, ent, am, em (nasal ah sound)
ange (AHnZH) = angel
enfant (ahn-FAHn) = child
parent (pa-RAHn) = parent, relative
champ (SHAHn) = field
temps (TAHn) = time

un, um (nasal uh sound)
brun (BRUHn) = brown
parfum (par-FUHn) = fragrance

in, ain, im, ym, yn, en (nasal eh sound)
pingouin (pehn-GWEHn) = penguin
main (MEHn) = hand
limbe (LEHnB) = limb
sympa (sehn-PAH) = nice
syndrome (sehn-DROHM) = syndrome
rien (RYEHn) = nothing

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