Le Printemps

(luh pray-TAH* = the spring)

At time of writing, this week marks the arrival of spring in the northern hemishere, where France is located. At my home in Canada, the ground is covered with a dazzling layer of snow, but the brilliant sunshine is a harbinger of spring flowers and warmer days to come. France is noted for her flowers as a source of fine perfumes and as inspiration to outstanding painters.

You can view photos of the gardens of French impressionist painter Claude Monet (klohd moh-NAY) on their own website. Monet planted the gardens at Giverny (zhee**-vayr-NEE) himself and them painted them to produce some of the world’s loveliest paintings. You can see what flowers are blooming each month, and even order books and posters featuring the works of Monet.

To see photos of Monet’s famous gardens at Giverny, France, visit:
Claude Monet’s Gardens at Giverny

*There is NO way to approximate the French pronunciation of this word using English sounds!

**”zh” is pronounced like “g” in beige or “s” in usual.

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