How to Form the Plural in French – Part 2 of 4

chapeaux - hats
Those who grow up speaking English have it fairly easy when it comes to forming the plural of words (talking about more than one of a certain thing). Most of the time we just add s.
There are exceptions, though, which can make English a complicated language to learn.
Here are some examples of irregular plurals in English:

  • man > men
  • mouse > mice
  • deer > deer

Just as there are different ways to show the plural in English, there are also different ways to show the plural in French.
One of the commonest of these is to add x instead of s at the end of a word. Here are some examples in French:

chapeau = hat
chapeaux = hats

manteau = coat
manteaux = coats

Can you think of some other French words that form the plural by adding the letter x?
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