French Adjectives – Agreement in Colour Words

coloured pencilsFrench colour words, like other adjectives, must change their forms depending on whether the nouns they are describing are masculine (le/un words) or feminine (la/une words) and singular or plural.

Eg. le crayon noir (the black pencil)
      les crayons noirs (the black pencils)
      la chaussure noire (the black shoe)
      les chaussures noires (the black shoes)

Masculine Singular Masculine Plural  Feminine Singular Feminine Plural
vert verts verte vertes
noir noirs noire noires
violet violets violette violettes
brun bruns brune brunes
gris gris grise grises
bleu bleus bleue bleues
blanc blancs blanche blanches

The colours below are the same whether they are masculine or feminine.

Masculine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Singular Feminine Plural
rouge rouges rouge rouges
jaune jaunes jaune jaunes
rose roses rose roses
orange oranges orange oranges

Can you translate the colours in the chart above?

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