Expressions with avoir

Avoir (to have) is used in many common expressions in French. Some of these are quite different from English, so you must memorize them.

1. avoir chaud (a-VWAHR shoh)*- to be hot
2. avoir froid (a-VWAHR frwah)- to be cold
3. avoir mal (a-VWAHR mal)- to be sick
4. avoir faim (a-VWAHR fay)- to be hungry
5. avoir soif (a-VWAHR swahf)- to be thirsty
6. avoir sommeil (a-VWAHR soh-MAY)- to be tired, sleepy
7. avoir peur de (a-VWAHR PUHR duh)- to be afraid of
8. avoir besoin de (a-VWAHR buh-ZWAY duh)- to have need of

*Please note that these pronunciation guides give only a crude approximation of the French sounds!

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