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Expressions with AVOIR – faim

j’ai faim (zhay* FEH)** = I am hungry

In English, we use the phrase “I am hungry” to let someone know we need food. In this sentence “am,” the being word, is used. To make the same statement in French, avoir (the having word) is used. The French phrase for “I am hungry,” j’ai faim, uses the having verb avoir.

Even though this phrase literally means “I have hunger,” we would translate it as “I am hungry,” because that is how we would say it in English. Faim is like the English word famine or famished.

This is what the different forms of this phrase look like in the
present tense.

j’ai faim
-I am hungry
nous avons faim
-we are hungry
tu as faim
-you are hungry
vous avez faim
-you are hungry
il a faim
-he is hungry
ils ont faim
-they are hungry
elle a faim
-she is hungry
elles ont faim
-they are hungry

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* zh sounds like “g” in beige or “s” in measure.
** Please keep in mind that these pronunciation guides give only a
crude approximation of the actual French sounds.

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