Lessons,  Verbs

ÉCRIRE = to write

Écrire means to write. It is related to the English words scribe,
script, and scripture.

j’écris (zhay-KREE)* = I write
tu écris (tyoo ay-KREE) = you write
il écrit (eel ay-KREE) = he writes
elle écrit (el ay-KREE) = she writes
nous écrivons (noo-zay-kree-VOH) = we write
vous écrivez (voo-zay-kree-VAY) = you write
ils écrivent (eel-zay-KREEV) = they write
elles écrivent (el-zay-KREEV) = they write

*These pronunciation guides give only a rough approximation of the French sounds!

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