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When we study verbs in French we arrange the information in an easy to understand format called conjugation. Starting in the singular (just one person or thing as subject), verbs are listed in the order of first person, second person, third person masculine and feminine. Then the plural (more than one person or thing as subject) forms are given.

first person = the person speaking:
singular = I in English, je in French
plural = we in English, nous in French

second person = the person(s) to whom the speaker is speaking:
singular = you in English, tu or vous in French
(tu is for a friend, vous is more polite)
plural = you in English, vous in French

third person = the person(s) or thing(s) about whom the speaker is speaking:
singular = he, she, or it in English, il or elle in French
plural = they in English, ils or elles in French

If this explanation leaves you more confused, ignore it for now and come back when you have had some experience learning verbs. It makes more sense as you see it in action!

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