CH in French

Did you know that the letters CH say “sh” in French? Some English words that have been borrowed from French are pronounced this way, too. Do you know their English meanings? If not, use your dictionary to find out the meanings of these borrowed words, and the French words they come from.

chalet (sha-LAY)
chateau (sha-TOH)
chauffeur (shoh-FUR)
chef (SHEF)
chic (SHEEK)

Here are some more French words with the CH “sh” sound:

chapeau (sha-POH) = hat
chaud (SHOH), chaude (SHOHD) = hot
cheval (shuh-VAL), chevaux (shuh-VOH) = horse, horses
chercher (shayr-SHAY) = to search for, to seek
recherche (ruh-SHAYRSH) = search, investigation, research
chanter (shawn-TAY) = to sing. Chanter is related to the English words chant, which is a type of song, and chantey (a.k.a. chanty or shanty), a song sung by sailors as they are doing their work.

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