u says "oo," almost

yellow tulipThe French u sound is different from any sound we have in English. It is very close to the “oo” sound in food, but not exactly the same. To make the French u sound shape your tongue and teeth as if you are going to say “ee” and shape your lips as if you are going to say “oo” in food. The sound that comes out will be the French u sound!

Can you translate these French words?

tortue (tor-TY) – hint: a slow-moving animal
brune (bryn) – hint: brunette
tulipe (ty-LEEP) – hint: a spring flower
tuque (tyk) – hint: keeps your head warm in winter
lune (lyn) – hint: lunar

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* “y” = the French u sound. Please note that these guides give only an approximation of the real French sounds.

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