TH in French

Did you know that in French, the letters th say “t,” like the letter T? If you look through the TH section of a French dictionary, many of the words will look familiar to you. That is because many of the TH words in French come from Greek roots, and English uses words from these same Greek roots. Related words like thermomètre (tayr-moh-MET-ruh) and thermometer are called cognates (KAWG-nayts – Like etymological cousins)

Other TH words in French:

bibliothèque (bee-blee-oh-TEK) = library
thé (TAY) = tea
thon (TOH)= tuna
théâtre (tay-AT-ruh) = theatre
théorie (tay-oh-REE) = theory
thème (TEM) = theme
Thaïlande (ta-ee-LAHND) = Thailand

Why is TH used and not just the letter T? It stands for the Greek letter theta (THAY-tuh) in the original Greek ancestors of our words. Theta looks like an upper case O with a horizontal line through it.

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