Asking Questions 4: Use Question Words

Another way to ask a question is to use one of these words or phrases: Qui = whoQu’est-ce que = whatOù = whereCombien de = how much, how manyQuand = whenComment = howPourquoi = why Visit Nallenart for more! Sponsored by Nallenart. For more information about L’Art de lire and other products, visit our … Read more

Asking Questions 3: Use Inversion

The third way to ask a question in French is by using inversion, or switching the verb and the subject. Manges-tu des bonbons? = Are you eating some candies?Parlez-vous français? = Do you speak French? When you use inversion with il or elle, you must add “t” between your verb and the subject pronoun if … Read more

Asking Questions 2: Use est-ce que

Another way to ask a question is by placing est-ce que at the beginning of a declarative sentence. Tu manges des bonbons. = You are eating some candies.Est-ce que tu manges des bonbons? = Are you eating some candies? Elle mange des bonbons = She is eating some candies.Est-ce qu’elle mange des bonbons? = Is … Read more