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    AVOIR Workpages

    Available as an instant downloadable file, Avoir Workpages provides an assortment of reproducible exercises at different levels to provide your students with extra practice for this essential verb. Many of the pages provided are taken from Nallenart’s popular French curriculum…

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    Expressions with avoir

    Avoir (to have) is used in many common expressions in French. Some of these are quite different from English, so you must memorize them. 1. avoir chaud (a-VWAHR shoh)*- to be hot2. avoir froid (a-VWAHR frwah)- to be cold3. avoir…

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    AVOIR Quiz

    Just posted! Try Club Mimi’s quiz on the forms of the verb AVOIR in the present tense: Quiz: AVOIR = to have Sponsored by Nallenart. For more information about L’Art de lire and other products, visit our website: Nallenart.com

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    avoir = to have

    The verb avoir describes having something. It is also used in many different expressions in French where different verbs might be used in English. to have = avoirI have = j’ai*you have (singular) = tu ashe has = il ashe…