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Numbers One to Twelve

Today’s lesson is about counting to twelve. Practice saying the French numbers.

(Please note that the guides to pronunciation only give a rough idea of what things really sound like in French. Listen to the podcast to hear the correct pronunciation.)

1 = un (UHn), une (UN)

2 = deux (DEUH)

3 = trois (TRWAH)

4 = quatre (KA-truh)

5 = cinq (SEHnK)

6 = six (SEES)

7 = sept (SET)

8 = huit (u-EET)

9 = neuf (NEUF)

10 = dix (DEES)

11 = onze (OHnZ)

12 = douze (DOOZ)

It’s great to learn to count to twelve in French, but you also need to practice your numbers out of order or randomly. Here are some ideas to help you practice your numbers.

1. Write the numbers on small pieces of paper. Put them in a hat or a box and pull them out one at a time and say them out loud.

2. Use a pair of dice. Roll the dice and say the numbers that appear on each die and on the pair together.

3. Concentration: Make two cards with each number on them. Shuffle them to mix them up well. Lay them in rows face down on the table. Turn them over two at a time to try to find matching pairs.

4. Use your number cards to play Go Fish with a friend. Start with five cards each. See How many pairs of numbers you can collect.

5. Take an inventory of your fridge or pantry. How many eggs, apples, or bananas can you count? Count everything you can in French!

6. Use your number cards as flashcards. Shuffle and practice saying the numbers out loud.

7. Play a counting game like Sorry. Count in French.

These are just a few ideas to help you to learn your numbers one to twelve in French.

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