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French Adjectives – Agreement in Number and Gender

petit chienFrench adjectives can change their forms depending on whether the nouns they describe are masculine or feminine, singular or plural. Usually the feminine form adds “e” to the masculine adjective. This can change the pronunciation of the adjective by causing the final consonant to be pronounced.

Eg.: The dog is small.
     ms Le chien est petit. (puh-TEE)

The mouse is small.
     fs La souris est petite. (puh-TEET)

The plural form adds “s.” This “s” is almost never pronounced.

Eg.: The dogs are small.
     mp Les chiens sont petits. (puh-TEE)

The mice are small.
     fp Les souris sont petites. (puh-TEET)

In English, the adjective doesn’t change,but in French it must agree in number (singular or plural) and in gender (masculine or feminine) with the noun that it is describing. Remember this when you are using any French adjective, especially colour words.

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