-ER Verbs

The last verb we learned, donner = to give, belongs to a large group of verbs known as -ER verbs. These verbs all have a similar pattern of conjugation, with a certain ending that corresponds with each subject pronoun that we have learned. If you learn these endings, you will be able to use hundreds of French verbs.

-ER Verb endings: These are the endings that go with each of the subject pronouns that you have learned. To put together the right verb for each subject, take off the -er from the infinitive and add the correct ending.

je -e
je donne = I give, I am giving

tu -es
tu donnes = you give, you are giving

il -e
il donne = he gives, he is giving

elle -e
elle donne = she gives, she is giving

nous -ons
nous donnons = we give, we are giving

vous -ez
vous donnez = you give, you are giving

ils -ent
ils donnent = they give, they are giving

elles -ent
elles donnent = they give, they are giving

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